Cairns North’s Puppet Show

Last Friday the children at Penguin Childcare Cairns North were treated to a puppet show.  Hailey Possum took us on an adventure to her Grandfather’s house.

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At his house the children got to learn and sing a number of songs.  They sang a song about how to say hello in 18 different languages, a song about her grandfather and how when the wind blew her hat way her grandfather gave her his.  The children got to dance and pretend they were little Australian Dinosaurs and they had to run away and hide from the big dinosaur.

Hailey talked about Australian history and shared with us dinosaur bones, spear heads, clapping sticks, grinding stones and handcuffs the first convicts were placed in.

The children explored different sounds and rhythms with the clapping sticks.  The children clapped them fast, clapped them slow, clapped them soft and then LOUDLY!  The children clapped them in the air and then down on the ground.  The Koala in the pictures was released on Hailey’s grandfather’s farm to keep him safe.

A thoroughly enjoyable morning had by all.


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