Sustainability in Centres


Here at Penguin Childcare Melbourne, we implement a sustainability plan to involve the children in the process of learning about nature, the environment, animals and the planet.

Sustainability can be defined as a way to be more resourceful with nature and teaches children about being mindful of the environment. If it is something that should last forever, it is something that we should support and sustain. Helping them understand more about the environment encourages them to be involved in the process of sustainability.

To support and sustain our world we need to keep it as healthy as possible by protecting and sustaining wildlife, plants, ecosystems and habitats because all these things are connected and need each other for support.  After all, animals wouldn’t survive without the right habitat, and a habitat wouldn’t be the same without the animals!

George the Sustainability Officer


George the Koala has been named by the kinder children and has been nominated by Penguin Childcare as the sustainability officer. As part of our curriculum, we implement sustainability programs and activities and have the children actively participate to gain more awareness and be active learners. As part of our policy and guidelines, our educators will provide natural resources, environmental/sustainability programs to provide knowledge, skills and attitude to assist them in to become environmentally responsible.

What families can do to participate

By taking George and the journey book, you can assist and teach children the importance of sustainability. Some activities you can do with your children:

  • Teach children the importance of recycling. Does rubbish go into the recycling? Show them the symbol of recycling so children can recognize what goes into which bin.
  • Ask children a few questions about pollution. Example: “Would you drive a car or walk to a nearby milk bar?” Have children think about what it would be like to have pollution/smoke in the sky every day.

We look forward to the stories and learning that will come from the families and children that will participate. With the stories provided, the educators will do group time discussions about how to encourage different ideas and thinking, gaining a positive perspective of sustainability and ways to help the environment.

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