Art in the Mind of a Child


Penguin Parkville were lucky enough to have Rebecca (Stanley’s Mum) who works at the
National Gallery of Victoria visit the Kinder Room to talk to the children about art.

She began by discussing a very famous artist’s work; Pablo Picasso and his art masterpieces about facial expression.  She showed the children various art pieces by Pablo Picasso and discussed the facial expressions of them with the children.

As a follow up; she gave each child a cut-out of a face and scrap materials whereby the children could choose what expressions they would like to create.

After each child was finished with their collage work; they got to talk about their art piece with their friends and further discussed facial expressions with the entire classroom.

This experience with Rebecca has given us a great opportunity to explore collage artwork and the children have been much more interested in creating collage works in our art area and curriculum.

Through this, the children have demonstrated several learning outcomes;

Identity – The ability to work collaboratively with others and also openly express their feelings and interactions within their classroom.

Community – The children also listened and respected their classmates’ different ways of creating their own masterpieces.

Well-being  – We also shared a great deal of humour, happiness and satisfaction throughout the art experience.

Learning  – When the children created different expressions, we also discussed feelings and the children demonstrated the ability to think reflectively as to what kind of situations give us different feelings.

Communication  – Most important of all, the children used the creative arts through this collage work experience to express themselves and make meaning

“Every child is an artist” ..

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