Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Accidental Classroom

Spontaneous learning opportunities can come from anything from the simplest of daily chores to large community events. For a child, the world is a magical place full of new and exciting experiences, even if it’s just discovering where rain comes from! Spontaneous learning opportunities are easy to recognise if you know what you are looking […]


Craft Corner – No-Cook Playdough

Making things out of play dough is everyone’s favourite activity so why not include your children in the making of the play dough itself! This no-cook recipe is a simple way to create a whole afternoon of fun and encourage your children’s creative side. What you will need:               […]


Craft Corner – Boomerang

Boomerangs have been used for centuries by indigenous people predominantly for hunting but also more recently for sport and entertainment. Creating a cardboard boomerang is a fun way to keep children active, allow them to use their creativity, fine motor skills and teach them about Aboriginal culture. For a fun afternoon activity, follow the below […]