Maths Fun at Penguin Cairns North

At Penguin Cairns North we have been learning about Maths.

Our ECT Teacher Miss Maria spotted Max & Harry measuring themselves up to see who was taller so she followed this up at group time by re-enacting this with a few other children and with her modelling the language of “taller than” and “shorter than”.

She extended on this the following week by making measurement activities readily available as a play option.  Maria modelled the sorting of small, medium and large pom poms and the measuring of small wooden blocks at group time.

Maria also made the feather vs block activity available once again.  Her Questions Of The Week have been on the topic of measurement for example “Who is somebody TALLER THAN you?”.

Maria has also made the most of spontaneous opportunities to model the language of size and measurement for example building a very tall tower outside that was “taller than” the children, “taller than” Miss Tracey but “shorter than” the building.

The children have shown a great interest in these activities and are looking forward to furthering their interest through Maria and Tracey;

  • Making rulers available on the literacy/numeracy shelf
  • Reading books that talk about sizes
  • Setting up measuring tapes, construction hats, clipboards with paper, etc. near the outside cubby (outdoor program)
  • Using the language of size/classification more explicitly: eg: bigger than, taller than, smaller than during regular, spontaneous play (ie: make the most of the “teachable moments”)
  • Exploring different units of length (conventional & unconventional): blocks, steps, centimetres, metres.
  • Lie down next to blocks; measure how many blocks tall we are.  (Discuss how everybody’s steps are different and the need for a standard unit of measurement)
  • Sorting different lengths of ribbon (longer & shorter)
  • Discussing and listing “things that are taller than me” and “things that are shorter than me” as a whole group

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