Cairns North’s Little Pattern Makers


This month Maria from Penguin Childcare Cairns North is setting up provocations relating to the mathematical concept of PATTERNS to follow up on an interest many of the children had a little earlier in the year when we used to make patterns with the xoxo blocks. 


Joseph made some patterns on the light table including red/yellow/red/yellow and circle/triangle/circle/triangle and then piled all the coloured shapes onto the light box and said “Miss Maria, look! I made a rainbow!”

Max made a green stick / brown pinecone / green stick pattern and then became very excited when I showed him the black and white gem stones.  He and Maxime both worked hard on several different patterning combinations including black/white/black/white, black/black/white.  I also modelled to Max how to represent his patterns on paper and he drew a little.


Ashleigh & Shaya also made patterns using the black & white gems.

From this activity the children were able to demonstrate:
*showing confidence & interest in exploring patterns & relationships
*exploring mathematical thinking, concepts & language
*showing enthusiasm for learning & curiosity
*problem solving & investigating
*showing confidence, interest & involvement in learning
*creatively representing ideas

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