George the Sustainability Officer – Aryan’s Story

George The Sustainability Officer visited Aryan form Penguin Melbourne on 1st of AUGUST 2014 and taught Aryan many important lessons.

 aryanGeorge’s 1st Lesson was teaching Aryan the importance of putting water into Plants. “Plants needs water” George said and Curious Aryan’s First question was “ why”?, Then George Said , water is one of the most important things for plants to grow as without water plants could dry up and die. George also said, “Aryan, when trees and other plants die then there will be less clean air to breathe as trees produce clean AIR for us to breath, trees and plants do a very big job”.

Then Aryan told George, “Oh!!! If we breathe bad AIR then we all might fall sick”. George said “Yes indeed”. So Aryan firmly said that he is going to water all the trees in the garden and take good care of the trees so that not only he even the neighbours could breathe clean AIR.

One night when Aryan was switching on LIGHTS in his room, George stopped him immediately and showed the importance of using one light rather than using all the lights at the same time. George said if we use two lights at the same time in a small room then we are wasting electricity because one light gives enough light. “We need lots of water to make electricity. Wasting electricity means we are wasting WATER.” George said.

aryan 2“Water is a very important source in our lives. Without water we could not live a single day. Water is the main source of energy in our body. Water give energy for kids to jump and play” said our sustainability officer.

Aryan had a good idea in regards to PLASTICS BAGS. Aryan told me that we should be re-using the bags which we have at home rather than getting new bags from Coles. When I asked why? Aryan said “ Last night George told me that it is not good to use PLASTIC bags as when we throw plastics bags it could end up in trees, lakes and the ocean. And sea creatures and birds mistake theses floating bags for food and eat them. Theses plastic bags are not digestible and end up killing the birds and other animals in the sea, Mommy”. From that day onwards we started to use re- useable bags rather than getting any plastic bags from Coles and etc…

George not only taught Aryan about importance of protecting our Nature’s Sustainability but also taught the importance of protecting the nature’s balance.

We all had an amazing time with George and would love to have our Sustainability Officer once again.

Jon Wynne-Tyson said
“We must develop a better sense of responsibilty towards our total environment …”

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