Craft Corner – Egg Carton Gardening!

Trees are in bloom, birds are singing (and swooping), and the last of winter’s chilliness is drifting away. This means only one thing: Spring. This season is renowned for the start of life in both plants and animals, where some creatures emerge from hibernation, and move ever forward toward the warmer months at the end of the year. To celebrate, we thought it best to introduce children to the world of gardening while at the same time encouraging recycling for sustainability. You most likely already have most of the items at your home (maybe besides the seeds) so read on to see how you and your children can flex those little green thumbs. For the printable version click here!

What You’ll Need:

  • Egg Carton
  • Packet of Seeds
  • Organic Garden Soil
  • Water


In a few days, you might notice the sprouts begin to poke their heads through the soil! In about a week with regular watering, you should start to see your herbs take root. Once you see that your herbs are beginning to outgrow their homes, plant them in a larger pot or an outdoor garden area to truly see them flourish! This activity is fantastic not only because it shows your child where some foods comes from, but might also inspire curiosity in trying new foods that they’ve grown themselves!

Happy planting!

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