Children’s Week at Ravenhall

Last week at Ravenhall we celebrated children’s week …

Teddy Bear Picnic

On Monday the 20.10.2014 we had a special Teddy Bear’s Picnic Day. All children were encouraged to bring along a teddy or special toy from home and join in on our picnic. All children engaged with one another with care, empathy and respect whilst enjoying a picnic outdoors. The children throughout the centre also enjoyed singing songs and reading stories about Bears.

Master Chef Day

On Tuesday the 21.10.2014 we all enjoyed cooking up a storm for Master Chef Day. Educators planned cooking experiences with the Children in each room and the Children enjoyed mixing and preparing the ingredients together as they experimented sharing and turn taking skills and abilities as well as being aware of fairness. The Children were encouraged to smell and touch the food and finally to taste them when they were all ready.

 Sports Carnival Day

On Wednesday the 22/10/14 Sports Carnival Day was a huge success. Educators set up many obstacle courses around the centre. We had bridges, slides and lots of body movement activities. Children were encouraged to take increasing responsibility for their own health and wellbeing whilst participating and exploring their physical abilities. The Children showed an increasing awareness of fairness as they patiently waited for their turn to do many of the activities. 

Pyjama/Movie Day

Thursday the 23.10.2014 was a very relaxing day enjoyed by all. Children and of course Educators came dressed in their Pyjamas. Pyjama day included watching a movie with the children. Educators set up a Movie area in the room with pillows and blankets. The lights were dimmed and a Movie was put on. Children enjoyed watching some great classics such as “Ariel-The Little Mermaid” or “The land before time”.

 Disco/Party Day

Disco day at Penguin encouraged everyone to come dressed in their best Party wear. A disco was set up in our big Junior Kinder Room. The children and Educators moved and grooved to some great music. Many of the older children were able to sing the lyrics of the songs. A favourite was ‘Let it go” by the movie Frozen.

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