Penguin Childcare Cairns North’s Fairy Garden

DSCN1016On the 1st October 2014, we started taking action towards building our fairy garden.  The first step we took was to look at photographs of other fairy gardens and observe what we liked about those and decide what we would like to put in our own.  Next we represented our plans and hopes for the fairy garden through pencil drawings and told Miss Maria about our ideas. 

Ashleigh:  “Some grass and little houses and a rainbow”
Lily:  “I want there to be a mushroom, some pink dirt and then… and I want there to be a curvy thing… and some pink grass and a purple rainbow and an orange circle”
Aisyah:  “I love it… some flowers… and two rainbows! Yes… two!”
Maddison: “ I have got gra(ss)”
Storm:  “I have some garden”
Joy: “It’s… it’s with my mum”
Carys:  “I would like fairies and a nest and a house and a bridge and a birdie… and a rose bush”

We can extend on this by encouraging the children to help us build the fairy garden and to help create the elements that cannot be purchased (purple rainbow, etc) so that we can validate those ideas by putting them in too. 

The children were making choices, investigating built environments, manipulating small objects developing their fine motor skills, showing enthusiasm for learning, making choices and organising resources for learning, contributing to learning conversations, engaging their sense of wonder, creatively representing their ideas, and using age-appropriate speech patterns.

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