Monthly Archives: April 2015

Craft Corner – My Name Is!

As the days are getting colder it’s always great to have a few ideas up your sleeve of fun art projects for your children. This activity will help your child to both learn their name and gain a sense of identity whilst incorporating their creative mind and allowing them to decide for themselves how they […]


Marvelous Minestrone at Penguin Childcare!

As the last wisps of summer are carried away on an autumnal breeze, it’s time to rug up and get ready for Australia’s winter months. Before we face the full brunt of bitingly cold mornings and crisp afternoons however, we’ll be eased into the cooler side of things with our friend Autumn. Colder months also […]


Feature: The Significance of Mother’s Day

Mum’s The Word – Mother’s Day Down Under This month we’re celebrating Mother’s Day, education week and family’s week.  Traditionally, we look at Mother’s Day to celebrate our own mother or mother-figure directly, but this day of recognition is more than that. So, this month we wanted to look beyond the traditional thinking of mothers […]