Meet Peppa and George Pig!

At Penguin Childcare Epping we introduced our newest family members. We have adopted two, 1 year old guinea pigs from a rescue group who visited our centre.

The Kinder and Pre-Kinder children enjoyed cleaning and setting up the guinea pigs cage before they arrived. The children cleaned out the cage that was recycled and reused. The bottom was washed out and filled with newspaper and hay, We filled a bowl with food and set up the water dispenser in preparation for our new friends.

We have discussed names and the children have decided on “Peppa” and “George” to go along with their last name “Pig”. So without anymore delay, we introduce to you Peppa and George Pig!

Peppa and George are settling in well and the children have been discussing what to feed them and how we look after them. “We feed them lots of left overs” and “Give them water”.

The children from the Toddler and Nursery rooms have been visiting Peppa and George throughout the day, giving them lots of pats and cuddles. We can see the love and bonds forming already and Peppa and George are two very beautifully placid guinea pigs that are not fazed by the children squeals of excitement and joy for them. This is the start of a beautiful friendship, teaching the children empathy and respect for others, responsibility and recycling of our food scraps and daily newspapers. The Kinder children have just finished creating a hidey hole home for our new friends “for sleeping” and we cannot wait to see what they come up with next.

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