Penguin Epping Visits Estia Health Aged Care

Over the last few months the Kinder program children at Penguin Childcare Epping have been visiting the Elderly residents at Estia Health aged care home in Epping.

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Michael is the activities coordinator who picks us up in the mini bus and takes us to the residents. Once aboard the mini bus we need to find our seats and make sure we buckle up. We keep our hands to ourselves and make sure our seat belts are fastened tightly.

On the way to the aged care home we talk about all the fun activities we are going to do and also about the respect we need to give to the elderly residents.

During our visits the residents are very excited to see us, always shuffling forward in their seats when we arrive and watching their faces light up. Last week we celebrated the Olympic games and worked with the residents to colour in the Olympic rings and talk about our favourite events.

Some of the children visited the high care residents and sat up on the chairs leaning on the bed tables to colour in and help the residents hold their pencils.

It is just magical and truly beautiful to see young and old come together to help each other share a moment, where nothing else matters, where patients and nurturing comes as second nature and the atmosphere around them sets the scene for fun and beautiful interactions sharing proud moments when something as simple as holding a pencil can be celebrated with such delight.

We have been extremely lucky to be able to have this opportunity. The children love seeing the residents and sharing their stories. Over the duration of our visits we have done show and tell, superhero dress ups, the Olympic games and look forward to a spring themed visit next month where we will get outside with the residents and help them feed their chickens.

Thank you so much to Michael from Estia Health who has worked with us to make this dream a possibility. We look forward to seeing you come past in that mini bus every month and cannot wait to get inside to see all those happily eagerly awaiting faces.

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