We’re all in this together: How Penguin is sharing kindness in our community

In these times of uncertainty and change, it’s more important than ever to share kindness, connection and support in our communities where we can – and our Penguin centres are doing just that.

Whether it’s keeping children safe in centres, supporting families whose life circumstances have changed, or helping those who are keeping children at home, it’s clear wherever you look that love is all you need.

Our Penguin centres are finding unique ways to spread kindness and positivity to their families and local community, such as our centre at Parkville, who has been collecting sanitary items for ‘Share the Dignity’ so that no woman has to choose between buying food and sanitary products.

Other centres have also been setting up book libraries; providing morning teas to thank and support working families; and decorating their centres with incredible rainbow-inspired decorations to cheer up the children of essential workers still attending.

It’s left us inspired and thinking about the many ways to brighten someone’s day 💖

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