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About Penguin Childcare

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Penguin Childcare Early Learning Centres provide excellence in early learning and development. The centres provide specially designed programs for newborns through to children up to six years that cater for each child’s individual needs. Penguin Childcare Early Learning Centres deliver a positive, bright and happy atmosphere that is bursting with enthusiasm, curiosity and energy. There are seven convenient locations throughout Victoria and Northern Queensland.

Penguin Childcare and Early Learning Centres provide children with a comforting and safe environment where adventure, imagination and happy times are an integral part of everyday life.

Specific educational resources and facilities are provided to help in the development and growth of children. Qualified and caring educators are trained and experienced to properly care for and nurture your child.

At Penguin Childcare we believe in each child and aim to provide a safe, warm and welcoming environment where each child has the opportunity to thrive, possess a strong sense of wellbeing and become a confident and involved learner.