Cooking Meets Craft at Penguin Childcare

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Who says you can’t play with your food? To add a little Christmas flare to our seasonal topics, we combined the healthiness of strawberries with the chewiness of marshmallows with our aptly titled: Santaberries! For the PDF version CLICK HERE! Ingredients: – 1 x punnet of strawberries– a bag of marshmallows– tubes of icing– a […]


Christmas Craft at Penguin Childcare

Sometimes the best presents are presents from the heart, crafted from the hands. Help your child to make a Christmas wreath this silly season to welcome all your friends and family to your holiday celebrations! Materials Paper Plates Tissue Paper Paint (various colours but green is a must) Glue, HINT: We have a recipe for […]


Chopped Chicken Carrot Sliders at Penguin Childcare

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Chopped Carrot Chicken Sliders Burgers and their smaller counterparts, sliders, are sure winners at the dinner table or a delicious lunch snack in the middle of the day. At the same time, they’re also excellent places to smuggle in some delicious, nutritious vegetables. In this recipe, we have smuggled onions which are great for the […]


Community spirit this festive season at Penguin Childcare

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Early Education Experiences with Multicultural Celebrations Christmas is a significant celebration for various people around the world for different reasons. Whether it’s seen as religious, traditional or something else, Christmas time for many of us it is a time of celebration that we look forward to every year. Our centres are both multicultural and multinational […]


How to keep your children healthy

Top tips for healthy eating and sickness prevention In our busy fun-filled lives there is no time to be sick! Help your children avoid the common cold and other viral infections by following these simple tips and tricks. The common cold is caused by many different virus types with varying pathogenic mechanisms (ways of making […]